Since 1962 3 generations followed one another, but the familiar style to welcome and accommodate our customers  has not changed. 

To continue the project started by our grandfather and his brothers, who helped to develop the Tuscan seaside resort in the early 60es, building the Gallia Palace. In 45 years it hosted guests from all over the world, thus allowing to provide visibility in Punta Ala, the Maremma area with its beautiful archipelago. 

Etruscan settlements, fascinating ecosystems, wild beaches of shining bleached trunks, turquoise waters, 
the tuff villages perched on windswept hills: this means Maremma. Unique values appreciated around the world making us proud to be Italian.  

A farseeing challenge keeping alive the image of Gallia Palace, a hotel still impersonating the values and the hospitable spirit of its founders and of our family, that shares them worldwide as witnessed by his membership in the prestigious circuit of Relais& Chateaux as the first Italian hotel since 1973.