The name Gallia is closely tied to the history of Italian hospitality. 

Carlo Gallia, is the founder. He fell in love with Cesar Ritz's story and by the end of the nineteenth century, at the age of 17, he left his family to learn what was then called "the art of the guest" and remained abroad for the next 15 years. He worked in several European countries alternating tourist resorts and cities (London, Paris, Berlin, Lucerne, Monte Carlo, St. Moritz ...). 

Hotel Gallia Famiglia GalliaOnce affirmed in his profession, he founded the Excelsior Gallia Hotel in Milan and the Grand Hotel Continental.
The luxury hotel business had become the center of the high society's life and the Gallia family was attentive host to several situations that remained in the memory and history of Italy. 

The most mundane events of the time took place in the hotels of the family. Here stayed the great artists engaged in performances at the Teatro alla Scala, such as Rubinstein or pioneers like Umberto Nobile and other components of the famous expedition of the airship "Italy" to the North Pole. 

Mr. Gallia was also attentive to the evolving needs of those who had to travel for work, and it was the protagonist of important innovations in the tourism sector. For example, the Continental Hotel was the first hotel "to be completely illuminated with electric light using Edison system (thanks to an internal generator) and provided with a hydraulic elevator Stigler ".

Here were also prepared meals for the first aircraft that served the "new" route Milan Brindisi (Seaplanes), thereby making an early  example of aviation catering (1931). 

The quality of Gallia family hospitality is now at the 4th generation still intact and always renewed 
in the exclusive Cavour Hotel in Milan, Gallia Palace Hotel in Punta Ala and Lantana Hotel 
& Residence in Pula.